WordPress For Your Website An In-Depth Guide

Posted on: November 12th, 2019 by Web Design of York

Wordpress Post Dashboard

In case you are wondering, “why should I use WordPress for my website?” you have come to the right place. Contemplating on this query means that you have some knowledge about WordPress. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have thoroughly considered the pros and cons, or you have studied the features in detail.

Thus, we will analyze the advantages that come with choosing WordPress for your website, providing you with a clear view of why it is the best content management system and web page developing software for your business. WordPress can do almost anything? Check out the top 12 reasons why you should use WordPress:

1. WordPress is free

It is free software. This means it is available to download as well as install, utilize, and make changes to it until it suits your needs. It is perfect to create any web page. While the software is free to install it, you will require a domain name as well as web hosting.

A domain name is your site’s address on the internet. This is what visitors key in their browser’s address bar to gain access to your web page. Web hosting is your page’s house where all the site’s files are kept. Read more on our article How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website

2. WordPress is Safe and secure

Together with its popularity come interested hackers. The next reason why you should use WordPress for your website is that it is secure. They have security measures that developers apply to preserve the users` trust and confidence. Their staff continuously update their CMS, together with their integrated plugins.

Moreover, users should be careful and only download plugins from genuine sources, if possible, when you are logged in to WordPress. It is important to learn about your hosting company as well. Learn more about it on our article Things to consider when choosing a Web Hosting Company

3.WordPress has a large community and it easy to learn

WordPress is open-source software, and as seen above, it can be utilized by everyone. Its user-base has no restrictions in terms of pricing, skill, or premium client support. Of course, there is a lot to learn about WordPress, though anyone could use the dashboard and begin to understand the basics of how the interface functions.

Since there are very few roadblocks to accessing this software, users have created webinars, books, blogs, seminars, and forums, among others, all having different WordPress aspects. Moreover, there is excellent customer care support; you can pay more for steadfast support or work through their forums. There are numerous resources for knowing more about WordPress for your website or having development queries answered.

4.WordPress is always improving

Since it has open-source developers and coding, WordPress is continually growing with time. The CMS is ever-evolving to offer the users better software.

5.Plenty of professional themes

Most of their themes are available for free. The themes offer you an opportunity to develop a professional web page minus the expense of employing a career web designer. They provide more than 2,000 themes in their official theme directory and additional ones at a fee at websites like WooThemes, Theme forest, and Studio Press. But, it is important to consider many things before deciding to build your own website. Is it better to build one yourself or hire a professional web design company for your project? Learn more in this article.

6. Add complexities to your web page

Need some extra functionality on your web page? They have a plugin for that! WordPress was developed to be broadened, which is what many programmers are doing. Most of the WordPress plugins improve functionality to the central system. Therefore there is a plugin that suits all your business needs.

7.WordPress is optmized for SEO

This is among the essential benefits offered by WordPress. Typically, Google engineers control the web page since it can solve lots of SEO problems. Besides, it features an SEO plugin to assist in guiding your site to becoming SEO-friendly. And with the right SEO, your website will gather lots of traffic for each related search done.

In addition to that, you win more trust and reputation as well from people who visit your page due to the popularity of WordPress. With their wide range of different themes and lots of individuals utilizing it for personal and business sites, you can be sure that WordPress for your website is efficient and won’t collapse without notice.

8. Mobile-Friendly

This is another vital feature that makes your business’s site have a higher rank on search engines. People are more likely to visit your website more if it is enhanced for phones and fast-loading as well. You do not have to worry about your site being mobile-friendly with WordPress since they are already prepared for the mobile web.

Their thousands of themes are designed for phones; therefore, there is no issue for clients and viewers to utilize your web page on their phones or smaller devices. Besides, their dashboard can be used on smartphones; therefore, you can be able to run your website at any time, from anywhere.

9. Multimedia support

Web pages that have reduced bounce rates are the ones that have a lot of multimedia. WordPress allows you to easily incorporate video uploading it or by adding code via the HTML regions.

10. Ready to use

WordPress is designed for the user to begin using it as soon as it is installed. The configuration is not required, and you can customize the themes that are offered. Also, they offer plugins that suit your requirements. Most of the things you need as a business come with WordPress, including the integration of comments and social media.

11. Big brands choose it too

WordPress is used by some of the world’s most popular brands with daily views of several million like Coca Cola, Mashable, among others. This means it should be seen as a serious venture web page solution.

12. Universal dashboard

There is usually no confusion since their panel appears the same on any platform. You can add some extra things to your own dashboard, such as new posts or recent comments, among others.


Indeed WordPress is doing everything right. You do not need to sacrifice anything to test it, since it is free, and the hosting organizations have a kind of money-back guarantee. The most experienced users will commend the developers on their continuous updates and enhancements. The coolest thing is that once an update is released, there is usually an informational page that shows how it will well better your WordPress experience.

Moreover, always trust your web developer to guide you in the right direction and if you are looking for a custom design for your website check out our portfolio of unique websites designed using WordPress.

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