What Things Do All Website Designs have in common

Posted on: December 3rd, 2019 by Web Design of York

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For all small business owners, having a new and functioning website is a crucial thing. Also, redesigning a website for better performance and traffic is essential. Our company has been helping clients from all over achieve their business goals and aims. For over seven years now, our passionate and very committed team has perfected on website design and development, all for the benefit of small businesses.

One of the best ways to have a successful site is ensuring it has all the essential features and a purpose. Do you own a small business and wondering how to develop it rapidly? Read on to see what it is your website needs to grow steadily.

Features and elements all website designs have

Structured and well-ordered website navigation

It is vital to have a website design that has a comprehensive menu for easy navigation. When people visit your site, they take a few seconds to choose whether to leave or stay on the website. So, if you have a complicated and unorganized menu, the visitors will most definitely go.

Next, all websites design have a search function, usually on the home page. This makes it simpler for engaged visitors to peruse whatever lures them quickly. A site that is comfortable to navigate and includes a search function converts and drives traffic.

Website Chatbots

It has been overly emphasized how technology, especially AI assistants, creates a sense of realness in e-commerce and online marketing. Chatbots are by far the best way to keep interested visitors on your site long enough, therefore getting leads. The reason chatbots are part of every website design is that they offer a fast reply.

Soon-to-be consumers and customers are easily convinced when the bots respond to burning inquiries. By reacting to the queries, these bots make sure the visitor stays on your site. Our web designers have the prowess to include a CTA, prompt prospective customers to leave their emails or have them check back in a day.

SEO responsive configuration

A high percentage of websites do better when they are search engine friendly. This is why our reputable company strives to design and redesign websites that are not only visually engaging but with proper construction too. Only an experienced team like ours knows how essential a good ranking is for your website. When the website is SEO-friendly, search engine bots can penetrate and rank them top.

The perfect type of structure makes it easier to market your services and products. We are a web design company that assesses the structure to avoid future issues.

Contact info

If you want your new or redesigned website to convert leads, have the contact information on its page – this is what we do for you. Whenever a probable customer feels difficulty in contacting you, their concern reduces. The easiest ways we incorporate into the design are email, phone number, physical address, and social media platforms. Our team makes sure the icons redirect the visitor straight to where they can interact more with you.

If your response rate is high, an email is the best option, as your phone won’t constantly buzz with calls and messages. However, if you don’t mind the direct access, a phone number is contact information that works instant.

Fundamental information about the business, product, or service

Our web design pros assist you in designing what you need. First off, a mission statement that is well-detailed but short enough for a visitor to speed-read through without losing interest. Briefness is useful when it comes to this sector. All successful website design are keen on this tip. What can be categorized as information and is in the text should be short, yet explanatory.

Every small business has varying info depending on the niche. We include screenshots and links to any recent works, services, and testimonials. We mold your website design accordingly to give the visitors what they want.

Tailored website about us page

Before someone decides to buy what you are selling, they need to know who you are, what you do, and for how long you have been doing it. By laying out a personalized page about your business, we use emotion to move sales and leads.

The About Us’ page is the easiest way for visitors to relate with your business and its mission. Moreover, an enticing introduction results in a great ending. On top of this particular page, we take note of adding a FAQ page. Giving the right info gets rid of any fear a visitor has.

Reviews and testimonials

Every website design that has user-generated testimonial has proven to convert more leads. Statistics show that fifty-seven percent of consumers buy if the ratings are above four stars. Even though there is a risk of negative reviews and comments, we design your site to be genuine and not appear bowdlerized or fake.

Because the internet and social medial to be precise have become so necessary in the modern world, social proof has become vital. As long as the reviews are honest, your business will grow.

An ample counter method

All websites should have a simple checkout procedure. Even though this is the last process, our designers know how meaningful it is to make it comprehensive. Very many sites suffer from abandoned carts during the checkout process. To avoid this, the process should have well-known and a wide range of payment options. Also, the info on the page should ultimately be about payment. Cross-selling and up-selling right before the checkout may distract or annoy the visitor.

Guaranteed website security

At last, it all comes down to how secure your website is, both for the visitor and your business. Cyber-criminals and malware find websites that use online transactions as a straightforward target. Our dedicated team makes it a huge priority to ensure your site’s privacy and security are assured.

Using SSL Cert., firewall, privacy policy, and two-factor authentication, we make sure your website is successful.

Anti-spam feature

The most notable feature of this kind is Captcha. This helps keep away spammers and harmful bots. We include this in the design to filter visitors that will potentially spam your site.

Our company consists of skilled web designers that help small businesses grow. When your website has all these features and many more, your business will relish in surefire development. Request an appointment today!

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