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Wyndridge Farms is one of York's fastest growing beverage companies. In addition Wyndridge has a unique restaurant and event space for weddings and more located in Dallastown, PA. We partnered with Holberg Design who managed the look of the website while... Read more » View Project

Web Design of York provides a premier-level Web Design Harrisburg PA. For the best Web Design Harrisburg PA results through Web Design of York, you should have a project plan for your web site so we can move as efficiently as possible. If you don’t have a plan for your web design, we can work with you to build one by way of consultation either through phone call or meeting anywhere local to Harrisburg PA. We work with all companies regardless of size in order to deliver enterprise-quality web design solutions. There’s no cost to quote out a solution to your needs, so if you’re anywhere in the Harrisburg PA area, please let us know! Our web design services include much more than generating designs, also including Hosting, Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Many examples of the work we have done in Web Design Harrisburg PA, York PA and Lancaster PA with Web Design can be viewed by visiting our Portfolio page; there, you may find examples of both our web and print work. Are you looking to add e-commerce to support your Web Design Harrisburg PA? We have helped establish many companies in the Harrisburg PA area with online store fronts so that they can sell their products. We can help bring secure checkout processes to you and your customers in Central PA for a more pleasant buying experience.

Another major factor in the success of your Web Design is content. In order for you to have a successful site, there has to be prime, relative content in support of your Web Design Harrisburg PA. If you don’t have content or the time to devote to generating new content, we have several copywriters local to Web Design Harrisburg PA that will work with you and your busy schedule to make solid content. Need photography? We also are in touch with a network of different photographers in Web Design Harrisburg PA, York PA and Lancaster PA that can help solve all of your photography needs.

Web Design Harrisburg PA

Are you operating under the impression that your web design should be an isolated part of your marketing strategy? This is something a lot of companies believe in web design harrisburg pa and it may be setting you back in more ways than one. From web traffic to SEO and conversion rates, web design plays a major role in your entire internet presence.

Most people know that web design matters, but few can answer why. Also, not everybody understands the impact it has on other aspects of a business. A good web design is easy to navigate and helps potential customers find what they’re looking for, bringing you closer to making a sale or getting in touch.

If you are thinking about upgrading or modernizing your website, the following aspects should be considered first:


This is ultimately the most crucial aspect of web design and most visitors will appreciate a website that looks good. The design should guide the eye to what’s most important and this can be achieved through typography. A professional, modern design can build trust immediately; and a poorly done website will turn visitors off.

Visual spark

The whole internet is essentially a visual medium and visitors will spend more time on your website if it has good visual appeal. Create a spark that appeals to the majority of your target audience and use galleries, slideshows and videos to amass lots of visual content.


Everything you add to your website needs to have a logical place so that visitors have an easy time locating content. Site navigation should be in a logical place on every page, and every item on each page needs to have a purpose because we only have a few seconds to make an impression and if the content on the page doesn’t make sense, visitors will leave quickly.

Put it all together

Design elements are much more powerful than content, and particularly in terms of creating trust. In a recent study 94% of visitors cited web design harrisburg pa elements as the main reason for mistrusting a website, while only 6% referenced specific content.

The value of a good UI design pattern cannot be overstated. A good design pattern offers users a familiar solution, giving your visitors an enabling environment where they can acquire information or buy products and services.

You need a professional web designer in Harrisburg, PA to create a website suitable for your specific needs. Check out modern trends and find out how you can take advantage of popular design styles to make your site stand out.