SEO Tips to Optimizing your website for Search Engines

Posted on: September 28th, 2018 by Web Design of York

Search Engine Optimization Tips

seoSeveral factors come into play when Google, and other search engines, rank websites. I’m a firm believer that to be a true SEO specialist you must understand how search engines work from a computer science level. Historically search engines have always ranked websites based on keyword appearance and density. This is still true to this day but several factors have changed. Mostly to prevent spam websites from manipulating their system.

A white-hat SEO specialist is the only person you should work with on your website. A white-hat SEO specialist will provide long-term results. Versus a black-hat SEO who could potentially cause your site to become black listed on Google.

1. Proper Keyword Research

It is very true that the types of tools a SEO specialist uses will depend on the results they produce. There are several tools out there, so it’s important to make sure your SEO specialist is using the best tools. One of the best methods for performing keyword research is to find keywords that a website has potential to rank for with low competition. These key phrases may not always have the most traffic volume. But they are quicker and much easier to rank for.  It’s always better to rank for 10 easy key phrases than to try for years to rank for a single high competition key phrase.

Keyword research takes time. As stated before, you don’t want to waste your time attempted to rank on the first page for a high competition key phrase that your website simply does not have the domain authority to do so. Thankfully, the best tools will tell you whether your website is even capable of out ranking competitors for a specific phrase.

2. On page Keyword Density

Keyword density is the ratio that your key phrase shows up compared to the total content. Other factors that play in this ratio include whether the key phrase appears in the title meta tag and description meta tag. Essentially what search engines do is compare the search phrases with the text in the title, description, headings, paragraphs, and all other HTML tags on the web page. This is one key function in how their algorithm ranks websites.

3. Avoid over doing SEO

Years ago you could just repeat a key phrase over and over again and it would rank well on search engines. The goal of a search engine is give good results when a user searches for something. This is why Google and other search engines are constantly adjusting their algorithm. Adjustments prevent spam websites from out-ranking good websites.

4. Get backlinks from other websites

Building backlinks is essential in ranking a website on search engines. A good SEO specialist will have a plethora of methods for obtaining backlinks for a clients website. One of the most effective methods for building backlinks is guest blog post on a high domain authority website. The article should include a link back to your website somewhere in the copy. However, to get your article on some of the best high DA (domain authority) websites you need to have a very good copywriter.

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