Should I get a Custom Website Design for my Startup Business?

Posted on: September 24th, 2019 by Web Design of York

Gone are the days when a website for your business was just an additional option. At this day and time, websites have become an essential tool for many business owners and internet users alike. Why is this so? Because sites act as a connection between the consumer and the company. A well-developed website is very stable and flexible. If you have a start-up business, isn’t it safe to take advantage of the customized websites?

As a business owner, saving on costs and having a strong online media presence are two ways to increase profits. Therefore, the more presentable and professional the site, the sweeter the results.

Things to consider when thinking of a new business website

A website is what a business owner uses to express what the company stands for. After knowing how you want the branding to be and the vision of your startup, a design will be easy to build.

  • The backend – In case your website goes down, your customers most definitely will not forget the incident. In worst-case scenarios, it might be the downfall of your business. A firm and secure backend infrastructure are what our company offers your site.
  • The content you want to share – It is vital to ensure that whatever you want to present as a business owner is fetching and good enough to drive traffic.
  • Simplicity and straightforwardness – We all comprehend that it takes very few seconds for a site to make an impression. The consumer must see what they want or what they will desire without having to search for it deeply.
  • Analytics – The moment your custom website launches, it is all hard work. The constant examination is critical for your startup to ensure everything is according to plan. Our team makes sure every website receives maximum analysis and management.

About our Company

We are an established and fast-growing web tech company that takes care of your web design, development, branding, SEO, and graphic design. As well, we prosper in our capability to undertake complex necessities and develop elegant resolutions locally and nationally. We have been in business for over eight years and left pleasing smiles on our clientele from Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, and many more. Learn more about us.

Why have us design your custom website?

A lot of people tend to assume these designs are expensive due to their spectacular advantages of the plan. Our company lets you benefit from our competent staff greatly. Our custom websites hence have a lot of rewards including;

  • The peace of mind of having a responsive website – Our clients get to enjoy perfect designs, thus a very unique and exceptional site. The website in a manner that it is search engine friendly and will always run without interruptions.
  • Getting a site that grows with your business – This allows every startup to grow gradually and broadly. Just as your company design evolves, the site gets adaptable and flexible as per your business’ needs.
  • Regular maintenance for your site – Imagine being so busy and not having the time or skill to maintain your website? Our team takes care of that by making sure your site is up to date and running as smoothly as possible.
  • Staff training – This is to help you get some knowledge on operating the back end of the site.
  • Our custom websites are built using top content management systems in the market.

What are the site’s objectives for your startup?

Not all cases require a custom website. In some scenarios, the business objectives or the expenses determine the type of design to get built. Upon getting in touch with us and explaining the purposes of your site, we will have you working in due time. Our skilled team needs to know if you want the website to get business or awareness. If you need the latter, it is convenient to use a template, which is cheaper but needs more determination to design it well. Contact us for a free consultation.

Pros and cons of a custom website

Choosing these designs means you will have a team to take care of the backend technical details. They take longer to build as they require more finesse – the result, however, saves time in the future. Subsequently, the sites are mobile-friendly and responsive on all electronic devices and many browsers. Custom websites make sure your startup business’ name appears on the SERP results. Thus, increasing your market reach. The design makes it possible for the site to gain quite excellent rankings.

Some of the pros are: –

  • The website has an utterly perfect design that will integrate the company’s branding as per your needs.
  • Our team will always hold your hand in the expanding journey of your business. In case of any problems or even inquiries, our first-rate customer care and service are yours to take advantage of.
  • The sites have been tested and retested to work for all browsers and gadgets.
  • A custom website is designed to put your future goals and plans in check and on track with its adaptability.
  • Our team will install updated technology and management systems that will help your site overall ranking.

Some of the cons include: –

  • The overall expenses are slightly higher than other types of websites because of the management aids and extra rewards that come with the site. Most people, however, prefer custom sites for their businesses as it is worth every penny.
  • A custom website usually takes longer to build (six to eight weeks) as compared to a template or theme. Is it better to spend hours figuring out how to make and maintain your website or have a reputable team do it and enjoy the fruits?

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you as a potential client to weight both sides well . However, if as a business owner, you feel that a custom site is not the best option, we are glad to offer equally satisfactory alternatives. Contact us today and have all your website and graphic design snags sorted out!

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