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responsive-web-designWhy your website should be responsive

Having a responsive website is a necessity for almost every website. Just about everyone has an iPhone, android, or other smartphone with access to the internet. Millions of business searches are performed each day from mobile phones and tablets. If you’re website is not optimized for a mobile device, it can be very difficult for your visitors to use your website on a smaller screen. Optimizing your website will make viewing your website on all mobile devices easier and faster. Smartphone optimization is more important as 78% of the worldwide mobile data traffic is consumed by smartphones.

Our approach

We provide mobile web design services to our clients with two options. The first is to design the website from the beginning in 7 different sizes for smartphone vertical, smartphone horizontal, large tablet (iPad) vertical, large tablet horizontal, small tablet vertical, small tablet horizontal, and desktop version. Once the design is complete we wait for the clients revision and approval upon development. Once developed, each layout is tested on the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini for performance and viewing purposes before launch.

Our second option is to take an existing website and modify the CSS properties for each individual responsive size using media queries. The design is created by modifying to the existing styles to look best at each size, there is no specific design that we copy from. This option is more affordable as it does not require any graphic design.