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Architecting Information on a Small Screen

York fastest growing micro-brewery needed a unique approach for their online presence. An organization that serves many functions including a brewery, restaurant, weddings, corporate events & parties. We needed to fit all of their branches into an informational website that also encompases their branding of ‘rustic’ and ‘elegant’.

When dealing with a broad niche of services, one of the challenges of building a website is designing for not only desktop users but for mobile users as well. Fitting lots of information on a mobile device, and organizing it properly can be a challenging obstacle.

We found from reviewing the traffic analytics profile that most visitors were in fact visiting the site on mobile devices, specifically smartphones. In addition, most users were primarily looking for a phone number or directions. With the use of icons and a bit scripting we included icons prominently with our mobile navigation to make it easy for users to access what they needed most.

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