• Traffic Analysis
  • API Framework
  • Search Algorithm
  • SEO
  • Login System
  • Third Party API

Building a Custom API Framework

Finding a digital agency who understands your application needs from a deep technical understanding and can develop a proper framework can be challenging. United CoolAir struggled to find a local agency who could solve their problem, and not throw in the towel mid-way through their project.

The first challenge was hooking into a third party zipcode API and triangulating that data with location details we could work with. Each distributor that United CoolAir uses needs to be found on their website via zip code or state. We needed to create an easy to use system that wouldn’t timeout because of large data.

Our next task was to create a serial search system that would intelligently search through a record file system filled with thousands of products the company has produced for several decades. Developing a system that was not machine heavy to compute came down to creating a sophisticated search algorithm.

Finally, we needed to develop a custom login system to allow their distributed access to private information and the ability to download their proprietary software. We also needed to develop an automated system to validate new user signups while keeping hacking attempts at bay.

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