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Building a Platform with Big Data

A challenging aspect of being the state’s department in charge of all signage on state highways is dealing with a huge database of information, photos, and contractor models. What started as a huge file system barely able to be stored on a thumb drive has been implemented into a custom WordPress driven application.

Our first challenge was building an automation tool that could read the directory and files and convert that data into a spreadsheet for further use. With over 3,000 files, some of which have not been updated in decades, we had come across a lot of naming inconsistencies. After building an automation tool to handle almost every variation of data, we finally had our data structure.

The next step was building a database using WordPress custom post types and custom fields. Each sign location needed to store multiple data values (highway route, exit, direction, service type, ext.) and each sign included a data model that needed to be accessible by contractors in the field on their mobile devices. Then we simply imported the data and built an easy to use front-end UI/UX to allow workers in the field to access with ease.

From a system that started out as a daily task of returning phone calls and emailing out information, to a fully functional and completely client controlled public information system. We created a tool that saved the state a lot of time and money attempting to manage without a proper application.

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