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Designing for the Mobile Consumer

An important aspect of managing a community credit union for thousands of members is making sure viewing their funds is accessible with today’s devices. A mobile first approach is almost mandatory when you are dealing with customers who want information fast and easy.

Our challenge was taking a website with a large sitemap and integrating it into an information architecture that is easy to find and use while maintaining design esthetics.

We wanted to also bring to life the feeling each member experiences when they do business with a community credit union focused on a friendly helpful atmosphere. Together we planned and directed a photo session inside one of their branches. Each photo had a specific goal we wanted to achieve visually for our audience.

Once we had the design and media, we needed to develop a website that could contain the various services a community credit union offers, including loans, deposit accounts, and investment services, and business partnerships. We also wanted to gain feedback from members about several statistic the credit union could value from collecting. We created a quick polling system for members to give their feedback quickly.

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