A website says a lot about the business. That's why when it comes to restaurant web design, we don't take this lightly. You have the top chefs and wait-staff to serve guests; but, if people don't know about your restaurant, or if they can't find a menu online so they can figure out if it is a place they want to visit, you might lose out on potential customers.

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Custom Website Design

Your brand, your touch, your way to send your message to your audience. A custom website design can say everything about you and bring people in the door.

Local SEO

One of the most important part of your success as a restaurant is to be able to find customers around you. A local SEO is extremely necessary to accomplish that.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a great service, food and put it all into a website with your touch is crucial but you need it all to be found and you want to be the first option for your customers.

Outstanding Service

A excellent customer service is what you offer at your restaurant and so do we! Then, you can do what you know best and we'll take care of the rest!

Managed Web Hosting

You don't want to worry about your website being down and your clients not being able to check out your menu or make a reservation. With our Hosting Service that is something that you won't need to worry about it.

Content Management System

A new recipe to add to your menu, with pictures and reviews from your clients. Adding it to your website is easy as cooking it.

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Thank you Travis and the Web Design of York team for our website that they constructed. They were very easy to work with and provided us with several design options before moving forward with development. I have recommended their services to several friends and family and will continue to do so.
Jerramey Sin
Infinity Real Estate

A website says a lot about the business. That’s why when it comes to restaurant web design, we don’t take this lightly. You have the top chefs and wait-staff to serve guests; but, if people don’t know about your restaurant, or if they can’t find a menu online so they can figure out if it is a place they want to visit, you might lose out on potential customers. 

Today, everyone utilizes SEO searches for everything, including looking for a local restaurant to dine out at. If your restaurant web design doesn’t stand out, it’s not going to hit the top page on Google, meaning visitors aren’t going to know it exists. When it comes to designing your website, our team at Webdesign of York will come up with a creative, clever design style, which not only helps you rank atop the search engines and become a local powerhouse, but also attract new customers who otherwise would’ve never known your restaurant existed in the first place. 

Color is Key

Color is extremely important with restaurant web design. Imagine a seafood restaurant with red trims, pink borders, and yellow letters. This doesn’t tie into the theme of your restaurant at all. Instead, we’d go with blues, greens, and nautical-themed colors. We’d add images which also suited the type of food/dishes you serve, and the ambiance of your restaurant. We want people to know what they’re going to see when they visit your restaurant; therefore, we want to incorporate colors that represent your restaurant from the inside out, on the website template we choose to utilize in designing your website.

Interactive Menus

The menu has to be somewhere on your website. And, it has to be easy for visitors to find. When we come up with the right restaurant web design for your restaurant, we can link to 

  • PDF menu
  • Onsite menu
  • Link directly to the restaurant page or social media account

Regardless of the format(s) we choose to add to your website, the menu has to be highly prominent, it has to be easy to find, and it should be interactive so that visitors know everything about your establishment before they ever visit. The more information you can provide online, and the more you let them know about your specialty dishes, the easier it is going to be for you to draw them in. 

Social Media

The deal of the day, new menu items, images of your latest creations, are all things you want to share online. For this reason, you have to incorporate links to your 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr

As well as other social media channels online. And, with restaurants, you want to promote regularly. So, you’ll take to Facebook to include information about sales on gift cards or a discount in-restaurant for a specific date. You’ll use Instagram to share new images of a dish you’re serving for a short period. We’ll not only integrate the links to your social media channels on your website, but we’ll also make sure your social media channels are properly tailored, and are relevant, with the content visitors want to see when it comes to dining out.

The Right Font is Important

Yes, everything, including the font, matters. The font has to fit the website’s overall design. If you choose a fun and over-the-top layout, a block text isn’t going to look that good. When considering restaurant web design, we consider everything, from the colors down to the font, and colors of the lettering we choose. Make sure the font is

  • Cohesive (formal layout, formal font)
  • Is easy to read (if visitors can’t read the menu online, they won’t visit your establishment)
  • Interactive
  • The right color

You want to create a restaurant web design that represents your restaurant, your staff, and the quality of your food, online. So, you have to focus on everything, including how the letters appear on the screen. Although you don’t think about this, our team at Web Design of York does, and we’ll work to make sure we get it right. 

Include the Necessities & Focus on your Strengths

You want to focus on what you’re good at. When integrating content onto your website, we’ll include information like

  • #1-rated steakhouse in XXXX-market
  • The best-rated wait-staff locally
  • Excellent seafood menu
  • Great options for vegan diners

We want to incorporate information about your restaurant, including Yelp reviews and Google reviews, and find ways in which to highlight what you can offer, that local competitors don’t. We will not only present this information on the homepage so visitors see it right away, but we’ll also integrate it throughout the website, to make sure we remind them why they want to visit your establishment. 

Additionally, we want to focus on the necessities. If you’re a restaurant that specializes in seafood, do you want to highlight your dessert menu? Probably not! We’ll focus on adding seafood dishes you’re famous for, your chefs’ experience, how they prepare different dishes, and so forth. The more information we can provide about your specializations and what’s necessary for visitors to know, before they visit, the easier it will be to hook them and get them in the door when there are so many competitors in this highly competitive niche. 

It’s not a one-size-fits-all ordeal when it comes to restaurant web design services. Plenty of thinking and planning goes into executing a great looking site. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to make sure you know what’s important, what isn’t, and what has to be present when creating a website. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to hire a professional to build and design your website for you. Our team can help through all phases of design and development when you need us.

Ready to redevelop your website? Need some inspiration for your restaurant’s new theme, colors, or content? If so, contact our team at Web Design of York for a quote for your restaurant web design services, and see how we can help create a stunning visual experience online, which will attract more locals and travelers to come to visit your restaurant when they’re in town.

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