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The value of a website is hard to overrate. From inception to launch, Web Design of York made the process of creating our site as seamless as possible.
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Personal Injury Web Design – What Matters Most?

 Sure, as an attorney you know the legalese. You know, those terms only lawyers use and judges understand. That’s all fine and well, but when it comes to your personal injury web design, it’s a detractor. Your average client doesn’t understand it, and your average searcher doesn’t want to read it. This is where understanding the proper parameters of personal injury web design makes a difference, and why you want to hire a professional firm, like our team at Straight North, for web design services. We know what’s important for your site, what has to be included, what should be left out, and how to cut out those complex legal terms and definitions, the average searcher is going to gloss right over. 

So, what’s important for your personal injury web design to ensure your site is ranking atop the search engines for organic searches? Here are some things we’ll incorporate when designing and maintaining your site.

Specific Niche Description & Defining What those Cases Mean/Look Like

Just because you are a personal injury firm doesn’t mean you do all personal injury cases. When designing your site, we’ll include:

  • Areas of practice (auto accident, motorcycle accident, medical malpractice, worker comp, etc)
  • Definitions of these cases, what constitutes an injury
  • Defining/describing to clients if they have a viable claim
  • Detailing the process of filing the claim and what to expect (duration/results)

If potential clients don’t know that your firm offers specialists in the field of auto accident reconstruction to help ensure you get them the highest settlement, they’ll look elsewhere. Our team will include all areas of practice and define what they really mean for your current and prospective client.

Linking to Your Firm’s Attorney Bios (Social media)

Social media’s big today, even in the legal field. You want to make sure you add bio links for all attorneys. We’ll do this, and we’ll link out to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media profiles for your attorneys. We’ll also add these links for your firm’s site in general. So, your client can get to know your attorneys and partners, their areas of expertise, and how they can help with a personal injury claim.

Getting rid of the Legalese

Remember, if you’re delivering BS to clients, they’ll read through it. If they don’t know what you’re saying, they’ll go to a competitor’s site that actually speaks to them in general English. Clients know you’re intelligent; you’re an attorney, you studied and have a license to practice. You don’t have to impress them with fancy terms they don’t understand; in fact, they don’t want you to. When we’re creating content on your site, we’ll make sure it’s in plain English, easy to understand, and adds value. This will help with SEO ranks, and make it easier for your reader/audience to actually know what you’re talking about when describing your firm and your services in the personal injury niche. 

Creating a Mobile Friendly, Responsive Site

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) we want your site to rank well organically. In order to get it there, your personal injury web design must incorporate relevant content, add new content regularly, and you need to add content that provides value to readers. But, your site also has to be

  • Responsive (load quickly)
  • Easy to navigate
  • Have a mobile and desktop site
  • Offer easy buttons for searchers to get where they want to go easily
  • Include a search box
If you don’t have a mobile site, you’re greatly missing out on reaching a huge potential clientele base; and, if your site doesn’t load quickly, you can’t expect people to sit around and wait all day for it. We’ll take care of these issues, to help improve your personal injury web design and overall site rank in the personal injury niche.

Facts and Figures: Your Success Rates and Successful Cases

Potential clients want to know what you do and guarantee. We’ll incorporate
  • Recent cases you won for clients
  • Include $$ signs so they know what you can get in a settlement for them
  • Detail the type of cases you win
  • Have client testimonials to back up what you’re saying you can do
People like facts and figures; they want to know you’re going to get them the most money, in the shortest amount of time and that you’re not overcharging them for legal services. We’ll make sure all relevant facts and figures are prominent, and easy to find, plus we’ll incorporate those positive Yelp reviews, Google reviews, and 5-star ratings online.

Links to Personal Injury Calculators and Settlement Calculators (What should Clients Expect?)

When people file personal injury claims they generally want monetary compensation. Adding calculators can help potential clients figure out what their case MIGHT be worth. We’ll also make sure to add disclosures that these calculators aren’t guarantees, but are just to help serve as an estimate of what a case may possible pay out if the client win/settles. People like to know if they have a viable claim, should even consider filing a claim, and will make any money off filing it. With calculators online, you can give them a better idea of what their personal injury might rake in. 

Incorporating all Relevant Contact info and your CTA

We’ll make sure your contact information is on all pages of the site. We’ll make sure it is clearly visible, that we add links to social media, there’s a phone and fax line, email, and all other means by which customers can call you. We’ll also add a CTA (call to action) box on pages. We’ll make sure people can input their information, so that you can reach them. This is a great way to have information about a potential client, and for you to easily draw in new clients, without having to spend money on marketing or other advertising. It’s a free advertisement right on your website, so we’ll make sure it’s added when we’re working on your personal injury web design. 
Let our team at Straight North work with your firm to come up with the ideal personal injury web design that will work for your team! We’ll focus on optimization, design, mobility, and creating a succinct site for your clients, and potential clients to easily find you, and understand the legalese in a simplified manner.
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