The best hospital web design is modern and clean. Hospital websites should also be inviting and calming. After all, you want to make a connection with the visitors by assuring them of your professionalism.

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Best Practices for Hospital Web Design

Different industries have a different set of web design standards, depending on who they serve. For hospitals, websites are more than just a collection of related web documents. Websites are part of Practice Management Software (PMS): a collection of computer services for efficient administration and management of professional offices. Hospital administrators must be mindful of web design standards, and here is why?

A medical portioner’s mission is to save lives. Most people visit hospital websites in search of information on emergency services or find the right medical facility to visit. Hospital websites need to adhere to the same general design standards to meet their mission for each patient.

The best hospital web design is modern and clean. In as much as the physicians’ dress code is changing, most people still visualize their doctors as those ladies and gentlemen in clean white coats with stethoscopes hanging around their necks or pocket with paper and pen in their hands. And so, hospital websites should also be inviting and calming. After all, you want to make a connection with the visitors by assuring them of your professionalism. Here’s how to achieve a modern, clean, and resourceful hospital web design:

Value proposition

To decrease bounce rates, have a clear value proposition. The best medical content headlines usually include a pain problem the website visitor is probably grappling with, for example: Are you experiencing loss of appetite and anxiety: What is the connection?

Studies on web adverts show that a clear value proposition increases conversion rates by about 30 percent. But remember not to go for viral headlines. You want to attract patients based on your professionalism without sounding like some marketing gimmick. What is the use of having a viral post only for it to reach patients you don’t want to work with? Therefore, optimize keywords but don’t sacrifice readability.

Also, watch out for headline length. An at most 70-character headline is good for visibility on search engines. And an 8-12-word headline for marketing on social media.

Include verifiable license information at the top

Remember that professionalism will be its own reward. So, show you are licensed by including the information at the top of the website. There are so many quacks out there who are in it to unjustly profit. They can be hackers, vendors, providers, and suppliers. Remember that the U.S healthcare industry is expanding due to the Affordable Care Act, and fraudsters are seeing the pile of cash too.

But clients are becoming intelligent too. Once bitten twice shy, no one is going to submit their healthcare information to anyone they don’t trust. Therefore, show professionalism by including your license information and the medical bodies you are affiliated with at the top of the website.

Use graphics

You want the waste to be calm and inviting, so make use of videos and images to establish a connection with the website visitors. Use photos of real patients as banners on your website. But don’t distract from the content.

Videos, too, are essential. Include videos of staff at work. Let the footage contain real patient stories as part of testimonials. Every patient needs a hero, show them you are the one they need by focusing on works done in the community. Patient-centered hospital websites help build credibility.

Site speed and responsiveness

Studies show that 3 out of 10 members in the online audience are not willing to stick around for pages that take more than 3 seconds to load. For medical practitioner’s slow-loading pages is like a sin. And that is because most people visit medical websites in search of emergency services information or know which facility to check into for treatment. Information delays on hospital websites can lead to loss of life. Therefore, watch out for website speed. Remove slow loading pages, useless content, or change servers if you have to. We need to have a great website hosting provider in order to make that process easy.

For a clean, modern design, go for guided navigation. This involves the use of directed questions that lead the users to places on the website. Guided navigation integrates well with the search feature allowing web visitors to search by attribute e.g., search for the medical practitioner by specialty, condition, or illness.

Patients data privacy

Patients value their privacy, and federal laws require health organizations to have policies in place that protect a patient’s medical data. Hospital web design should, therefore, utilize software that meets HIPAA standards. HIPAA compliant software ensures the easy collection of patient information and its safety. The collection of computer services can range from online lead form generation, data management to tracking work progress.

Patients love it when you show interest in their privacy. Use SSL certificates on those lead forms you ask them to fill. And make this information accessible to both the patient and the medical practitioner in charge of the patient.

Include an educational center

Educational centers on a hospital website include the doctor’s profile pages, treatment pages, patient bill of rights page, etc. please highlight members of your staff. Use pictures with brief descriptions of years of experience, expertise, certifications, hobbies, etc.

Provide videos of patient testimonials, awards the hospital has won, highlight your innovations, and progress reports on ongoing research work. Let some of your staff share videos explaining various medical procedures on how-tos and treatment plans. Make everything relatable by adding a human touch!

Short and accessible lead forms

Speaking of HIPAA compliant software, generate short lead forms that make clear what information you want. Patients tend to get weary when you start asking too much information. Just get what you need, and that is enough. Let SSL certification take care of privacy matters.

Lastly, remember to update treatment information on your website regularly. Also, make use of keywords to target the local area. Otherwise, what is the need for good web design if you target the wrong market segment?

At the Web Design of York, Pa, we understand that yesteryear’s technical hacks to jump to the top of search results do not work today. Search engines are regularly refining their algorithms to give people the best search results. Let us help you be there for people who need your medical expertise.

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