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As a bank operator, owner, or manager, you know that your customer base is the most important thing to staying in business. Therefore, you need to make sure you appease them on many fronts, and you have to find ways to attract new local customers.

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Local Bank Webdesign

Custom Website Design

A local bank should have a unique website design that matches their branding and image.

Local SEO

Dominate search engines and directories in your local marketplace with local search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Customers are searching for a local bank to do business with. Make sure your website shows up first for the terms they're searching for.

Outstanding Service

Customer service is key to a successful and long standing project. We strive in our ability to provide exceptional client services

Managed Web Hosting

Rest easy and let us handle the technical challenges of keeping a website in full operation 24/7.

Content Management System

Easily update your local banks financial loan rates and content on you website with ease. We'll provide staff training on editing all aspects of the website.

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Web Design of York has been a part of my team for several years now. They have re-created my website from the ground up and gone above and beyond in bringing in new innovative ideas that make the website current and flawless. Web Design of York brings their brilliant expertise to every project with a positive attitude and utmost intelligence...
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We’ll Recreate How Your Audience Sees You

Your local bank web design is going to make a huge difference as to how your audience sees you as opposed to other local banks. Like any industry, you need a web presence today. If you’re new to the banking industry or just need to reframe content to attract more online visitors, our web design team specializes in local bank web design services. These are some aspects we can help improve as it pertains to your website.

Financial Education Content

You’re in the banking and financial industry, highlight this. Customers choose a particular bank for various reasons. Obviously, a free checking account, higher rates and returns on savings, and lower interest rates on loans are what people want. However, they also want to know that your bank knows what it’s talking about. Some content might include

  • Top 10 ways to pay down a mortgage
  • How to save on student loans
  • Tips for buying your first home or car

Build trust and build a relationship! Remember, this content, and other relevant news and information that appeases your customers, especially locally, will really peak their interest.

Lifestage Financial Guide

It’s not just advice and education, but also helping your customers plan for different stages as well.

  • Going to college
  • The birth of a child
  • Buying a home
  • Retirement planning
  • Travel after retirement

Every one of your clients will have different goals. When building a dedicated blog, we’ll help you incorporate different tools and tips to provide guidance to your local banking customers, which they can utilize at different stages in their life.

Comparison Charts & Graphs

People like visuals. In building your local bank web design, we’ll add those visuals. In visiting any major bank’s website, you’ll see charts and graphs. For example, “our interest rates on mortgages vs the competitors,” or “lower interest rates in comparison to car lenders,” and so forth. People want to see figures. You’re a financial institution, show them those figures.

Comparison charts and graphs offer a visual representation of content. Our eyes tend to flock to short, easy to read infographics. When we work on your bank’s website, we’ll make sure to implement these visuals, that new customers are looking for.

Financial Calculators

This is really big with online banking. Especially in an industry where people have dozens upon dozens of banking options, including banks, credit unions, and other savings options, you want to let them see what they’re spending, how they’re spending, and how you can help. Financial calculators are also a great way to help bolster your SEO (search engine optimization) rank; the reason being is that many people searching for banking news or information, will use the word “calculator” in their searches.

When we’re building your local bank web design package we can incorporate

Embedded calculators with the ability to let customers plug in numbers, Customized calculators for specific saving/spending, Savings calculators, investment calculators, repayment calculators, and more.

Again, every individual who is searching for a new bank in the local area has something different in mind. Some people are there to find ways to invest money and save. Others just need a place to keep their money and direct deposit from work. Make sure your website delivers on the things they’re looking for. Implementing online calculators is big in terms of ranking and offering different functions customers are looking for.

Online Applications

Your customer doesn’t want to have to get in their car and visit with a banker. Sure, your branch is only a 5-minute drive from their home. However, their smartphone is at their fingertips, as is their desktop. Offering customers the option to fill out applications online is a really great feature for local bank web design. CDs, loan applications, mortgage approval, financing for small businesses, or short-term loans, are some of the online applications we can embed into your bank’s website. In addition to being something most people will expect to find today, we can also incorporate various online forms they can fill out, so they don’t have to visit the branch if they have questions.

Location Finder

You’re a local bank, remember? You want people to find you easily. A location finder is huge for ease of access, as well as for SEO and organic ranking. It’s a good feature to incorporate alongside your Google My Business page. A location finder allows searchers to find your branch based upon their location. People utilize smart devices on the go from anywhere today. If they don’t know where your branch is, they are going to choose something closer, or another bank, which makes it easy for them to find the branch.

And More…

There are other relevant aspects we can incorporate when working on your local bank web design, to help attract more searchers and increase rank through organic search results. Some of these features are

Online chatbots that allow customers to speak to a banker, online FAQ pages, Applying for a new account online, Referral programs, Quick links to the most visited pages on your site, Community information, Social media integration.

And, we can build a mobile-friendly website, to ensure your local bank’s website looks just as good on a smartphone or tablet, as it does on the desktop (and operates just as seamlessly).

Every niche and industry has specific features it has to hit upon when building a website. But, local SEO, ease of access, and a mobile website are relevant in all industries. If you’re looking to rebrand your website, or as a new local bank, build a website from scratch, you’ll want to work with a web design team that’s experienced in banking website design.

Our team not only has years of industry experience, but we’re also continually researching to find out what’s most important for different industries, like local banking, and website design. When the time comes to redesign or build a new local bank web design for your site, don’t hesitate to contact our team to guide you, and build a site that’s going to outrank local competitors, and draw in more new clients to your branch.

Local Bank Website Design

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