Websites are essential if you want to have an online presence andreach a wider customer base. If you want to look professional and have people take you seriously, you need to have a great website. You need to avoid building a simple website that makes it harder for you to compete with other businesses in your niche.

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Web Design of York has been a part of my team for several years now. They have re-created my website from the ground up and gone above and beyond in bringing in new innovative ideas that make the website current and flawless. Web Design of York brings their brilliant expertise to every project with a positive attitude and utmost intelligence...
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A good website is one that has been greatly constructed and it contains all the important factors. To have such a website, you need to work with a good service provider who can handle all the technical and aesthetic aspects to give you an amazing site. When looking for a contractor web design, you need to make sure they can deliver on the following:

Website Hierarchy

A good website must have different layouts that arranged in a systematic order. The pages will start from the most import one to the least important one. The home is usually the first page visitors who use the website land on which makes it very important. The home page should, therefore, be well arranged with relevant information. For there the users of the site can move to other pages that contain specific information they’re looking for. These second pages are the second tier of the hierarchy and they contain general information. For example, if your website is about sports, the second page will have general information. From this second page, the users should be able to access the third hierarchy which contains specific information. For example, the third page will now have specific types of sports such as basketball. The bird page will give them all the information about basketball, baseball or any other sports they want to check out.

Having a hierarchy should also make it easier for users to access the pages. A user should be able to access the page they are interested in without going through the whole hierarchy. This means all the pages shouldn’t be linked together. Most users find having to go through several pages before getting to the one they want annoying and they usually leave the website. A poorly linked hierarchy can, therefore, make you lose customers.

Visual appeal

First impressions are very important even in software. You need a website that looks pleasing and will attract your potential customers at first glance. The website has to be made with colors that blend and aren’t boring. This means avoiding a combination of dull colors. Having bright colors that don’t blend well can also be repulsive to users. The designer you work with should, therefore, know how to mix colors to make them great.

Another aspect of visual is the combination of text and images. Instead of using text blocks include high quality and clear images that will portray the message you’re trying to portray faster. This is because people tend to react faster to visual appealing massages. Using an image will grab the attention of the user the moment they see it. The website should also have fonts that make the content easy to see as well as shapes that


As a business owner, you have dreams of expanding that business with time. You, therefore, need a website that will be able to accommodate your growing size. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new website every time you expand one aspect of the business. With an adaptable website, you’ll be able to add more information and features any time the need arises. For instance, if you add a new department of the business, the website should be customized to contain that information without breaking.

An adaptable website will also accommodate most of your customers. Since most people access the internet using their phones, having a website that can be used on various platforms will increase convenience for your customers and will, therefore, increase your client base faster.


The contractor for your web design should understand that different people will be using the website. They will have a different level of education as well as skills. As such, not everyone will be technology savvy. The majority may not be able to understand the coding aspect and will only be interested in a site that they can use to solve their problems. The website should, therefore, be easy to use and navigate. The pages should have information that they can clearly understand. Usability also means having a website that functions properly. It should have pages that load very fast. Any lags during loading can turn away your customers.


Your website can also be used as a marketing tool. The website constructor should be able to incorporate this feature by creating a page dedicated to demos and samples of your products and services. The page will give potential customers a glimpse of what you can do and drive them to decide to hire you faster. This page is very important in getting you new clients and should never miss in your business website.


Contractor website development may not be cheap but it doesn’t have to be too expensive either. As you invest in the development of the website, you should also take into account other factors such as maintenance. The amount you’ll be spending on regular maintenance should be factored in when coming up with the development price. The contractor you work with should give you some discounts without compromising on the quality of the website.


Since you’ll also be conducting businesses through the website, you need to ensure there is a page for such information. A quotation page will allow your clients to have an idea of the amount you’re charging for your services. It doesn’t have to contain detailed information but it can be a form that customers can use to find out how much they’ll be paying.


All these factors contribute to the quality of a website. As the best contractor website developers, we will ensure your website is designed with all these factors included and so much more. You just have to tell us your expectations and we will deliver as you expect. We have an experienced team that will ensure you get the website regardless of the niche of your business. We will ensure that your customers have the best experience when using the site and will help you expand your demographic. With us, you’re guaranteed to have a site that is not only accessible but also aesthetically appealing and easily usable. Our company values our customers, which is why we don’t design websites that have low quality.

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