Your website speaks volumes about your company. In a highly competitive niche, such as construction, the construction company web design team you hire to design and build your site matters!

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An optimized local SEO campaign can be the difference between being found by local clients and not being seen at all.

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Web Design of York has been a part of my team for several years now. They have re-created my website from the ground up and gone above and beyond in bringing in new innovative ideas that make the website current and flawless. Web Design of York brings their brilliant expertise to every project with a positive attitude and utmost intelligence...
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Professional Construction Company Web Design

Your website speaks volumes about your company. In a highly competitive niche, such as construction, the construction company web design team you hire to design and build your site matters!

This is why you want to work with a team that specializes in designing construction websites. The inclusion of service listings, local SEO, adding your Google MyBusiness Page, relevant blog content, and before/after photos, is just the beginning. When you work with a reliable web design team, with a solid understanding of the construction industry, and how to develop a website that captures your searchers’ attention, you’re going to see the greatest ROI.

What’s In? Construction Company Website Design

Hint, it’s not the homepage, although it matters. Your about us page might be the most important aspect of your construction website. You want to talk directly to your audience or intended niche. Tell them why to choose you. Inform them that they can trust your company and that you’re licensed, bonded, and insured. Give them a reason to choose you, instead of the competitors.

With this being said, it’s more than a bulky (with great content, not necessarily lengthy) about us page that really makes your website stand out. These are a few of the areas we can work on when you choose our construction company web design team to design your website.

Responsive Design and Mobile Site Design

Probably one of the biggest issues with construction websites, or any website in general, is the speed. Think of yourself as a searcher for one minute. Say you’re looking for a plumber. You’ll go to Google and type the best plumber in Las Vegas (or any location). When you search, you’ll get the top ads above your organic search results (PPC ads). Then, you’ll get the best-optimized websites for plumbers and Las Vegas. Now, say you click on the 1st result on the page. Their site is lightning fast, no lag times, pages move seamlessly, and you can open everything.

Take that same site and open it on your smartphone, while you’re in an Uber. Now, the site lags. It takes 10 seconds before even loading. Are you going to stick around? Probably not. The site is optimized for desktops, but not for mobile searches. This is big mistake companies make. This probably won’t happen with a site that’s ranked first on Google for an SEO search, but maybe the 5th, or 10th result. And, this isn’t where you want to be. You want to be #1.

For that to happen, you’ll need

  • A responsive site on desktop and mobile applications.
  • locally optimized.
  • A site that looks good, scrolls easily, is clean and organized.
  • Features drop-down menus, and relevant page tabs, so customers can easily find what they’re looking for

Basically, your site should look good, on all mediums (desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc). It should also load quickly on all of these devices. And, it should incorporate local search terms (we’ll see that below). The site must also have relevant information, that’s easy to find, and instantly gives customers what they’re looking for, without them having to dig through 10 pages to find it.

Lead Generation and Retargeting Campaigns

A CTA, or call to action. Make sure your website has one. You know that little box on the homepage, where customers can enter their name, email, phone number, and contact info, to have someone call them back? You need that on your site if you want to generate new leads. We’ll add that to your homepage. And, we’ll add CTAs throughout each page on your website to convert visitors and searchers, into possible leads.

We also focus on retargeting campaigns. What’s that? It’s a campaign where a person who’s previously visited your site, visits it again. With retargeting, your ad will recapture previous visitors, and bring them back onto your website, to convert them into a customer. It’s a form of marketing that utilizes ad campaigns, and specifically targets those who’ve visited your site in the past. Something intrigued them the first time around. The second time, we’ll get them to leave their name, phone number, and email, so you can actually contact them.

If you’re not providing an area for customers to leave their information, how do you contact them if they don’t call you? Our services will make it a focal point to add CTAs to get customers to act.

Local SEO

Local searches are imperative today. So is having a Google My Business page. This is basically a free page, run by Google, that lists you as a business. We’ll not only make sure the information is accurate, but also match it with what’s on your website.

Again, let’s think of the search above (plumber Las Vegas). When people search, they add local terms including

  • Near me or nearby
  • Near Walmart (or other major cross-section, business)
  • Close to …

For this reason, your SEO has to be optimized for local searches. Our design team will incorporate local information on your site, so SEO searchers can find your construction website easily. The easier you make it for Google to rank you highly, the more likely people are going to find your website.

What Else?

We’ll also optimize your website for proper SEO terms (construction, construction company, residential, commercial, builders, etc.) We will incorporate:

  • Before and after photos (yes, people want to see your work)
  • That ever-elusive About us page (with the meaty content)
  • Service descriptions
  • Send your company info to relevant directories for your niche
  • Locations where you service and surrounding regions (to help with local SEO)
  • Equipment used, as well as major manufacturer products used in construction products
  • Guarantees, if you offer free quotes, and information regarding your license, bonding, and insurance numbers (yes, it’s relevant)

Our construction company web design team understands the industry, what searchers are looking for, and how to build a website that’s properly optimized for the niche and location the construction company operates from. Not sure where to begin when designing or redesigning your website? Have a well-developed client base, but trying to establish a new audience in a different category (commercial or residential)? Or, does your website need to be reworked entirely, and be brought into the 21st century? Let our construction company web design team work with you. Contact us to learn more about our services, our packages, and how we can revolutionize your website, to reach the right audience and garner the leads you’re after.

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