Here’s what you need to do to increase traffic to your website!

Posted on: September 17th, 2019 by Web Design of York

Increase traffic on your website

Sometimes, you just need to stop and ask yourself “Does my website needs to be redesigned?”

Sure, you might have spent a lot of money a long time ago, and for the most part, it does what it’s supposed to do (i.e. list down your contact info, give information about your products and services to visitors), but does it really help you achieve your long term goals for your business? What if you want to expand or make your business known to a wider audience- will your website, in its current state, be able to help you in this regard?

If your answer is a “no” (or even a doubtful “maybe”), then it’s time to consider a website overhaul. Redesigning a website isn’t that scary or complicated- especially when you have a trusted company who can create a unified and elegant design based on your needs, brand identity, and other metrics that you might need.

Still unsure? Let us list out some of the huge benefits that you’ll be getting when you undertake a website redesign:

Provide A Better User Experience For Your Visitors

Most people who visit your site will use the navigation bar to orient themselves. Think about it: the navigation bar is basically your website’s (and by extension, your business’s) lifeline. A poorly-designed navigation bar will make your site’s visitors feel lost, and leave them with a negative impression of your brand.

Most modern sites employ the use of a “sticky” navigation bar that scrolls with the user (i.e. it stays right on the screen at all times). This ensures that visitors will have constant access to your homepage, contact information, and other links and content that you deem to be important.

The problem is: there are a lot of older sites out there that are not optimized for this kind of feature. If your site is one of them, then it’s high time for a redesign.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

We live in a constantly mobile world. Various industry reports have shown that people who own smartphones are more likely to use their phones over their desktop computers when browsing the web. According to estimates, around 55 percent of global internet users access the net through mobile. And in the United States, three-quarters (75 percent) of the internet-connected population is browsing regularly through their phones. This is an undeniable fact, yet one that is constantly ignored by a lot of companies today.

It’s always important to consider the ever-changing landscape of the Internet and being able to tweak your site according to these changes. Browsing the internet through a PC browser has become passe- mobile is the new norm. The majority of your site’s visitors will be browsing it through the screens of their phones. Their mobile experience will be critical to the success of your business. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, then you’re essentially shooing your potential customers away.

Utilize Responsive Design

Designing for mobile means designing responsively. “But what does responsive mean in this context”, you might ask? Well, responsive means that your site is able to display its content properly across a variety of devices and screen sizes.

It’s important to note that mobile devices do not come in standard sizes. Smartphones usually measure around 4 to 6 inch in length for example, and tablets are usually a bit bigger than that. It’s up to the designer to ensure that all of your website’s precious content can be read by all of your visitors, no matter what kind of device they’re reading from.

If you’re still not convinced about responsive design, it’s important to note that Google itself is putting a high premium on mobile-friendly sites that are responsive and can provide a great user experience. The search engine recently rolled out a Mobile-First indexing algorithm that places greater weight on sites that are optimized for mobile. This kind of change will have a huge effect on your click-through rates and conversions.

An Updated Website That Runs On New Tech

It’s hard to let go of a website design that has been with your business for so long, but sometimes it is necessary. For example, some of the niftier parts of your site might be built on Flash, which is almost impossible to run on mobile devices and hard for search engines like Google to search through. Not to mention that major browsers like Chrome will discontinue support for Flash in the next couple of years or so. Outdated tech like these doesn’t have a place in a modern website.

But once you get a redesign, you’ll be able to utilize all the latest technologies and plugins to help make your site run faster and more efficiently. An added bonus is that you’ll be able to amp up your website’s security too since older tech is more prone to hacking and unwanted intervention.

Your Website, Your Brand

“Don’t judge the book by its cover” as the popular saying goes. But it does not hold true for websites and other things in the online realm. You WILL get judged, if you have a website, the things that are on there (or those that are missing from it) will reflect on the kind of brand that you are shaping yourself up to be. People just don’t trust a website that is poorly-designed.

A redesign will help you present your business and brand in the best way possible. Your brand’s values should always be reflected in the state of your site. If you value professionalism and excellent customer service, your site should be able to showcase those very traits too.

So, let us help you out in your website redesign needs. Aside from our design services, we also have a powerful content management system that gives you the power to manage, augment, and amend your site’s content with just a click of a button. This comes with constant technical support and on-the-spot technical training if you should need it.

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