Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are among the highest performance servers in the industry. With our web hosting service you can sit back and relax while watching your business grow, and let us technical heads take care of all the stuff we were born to do. Our hosting services guarantee that your website stays secure and up to date all year long. This is something that no corporate hosting company can provide.

Preferred Hosting

At Web Design of York we prefer our customers use our hosting services over 3rd party corporations that offered shared hosting servers that are condensed to withhold 6000+ other customers. We cannot guarantee the stability or security of your website if it’s being hosted by a 3rd party company.

We provide monthly updates and maintenance, as well as marketing consulting to keep our clients up to date with the latest SEO trends and social media marketing techniques. When you sign up for our Web Hosting, you not only become a hosting customer, but we treat you as a long-term business partner. As your company grows, we grow in return.

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Whether you’re an enterprise company or a small start-up, we look forward to the opportunity to help grow your business. If you are an advertising agency, consider us as a design and development resource.