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We offer everything from standard information pages, to full service e-commerce shopping carts. We specialize in designing eye-catching web pages that make usability and overall experience good for visitors and potential clients.

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Why Design Matters

The design of your website is very important when you are attempting to attract more customers to your business. In most cases, customers have already made their decision weather or not they want to use your services within the first 5 seconds they look at your website. If the website looks cheap and unprofessional, they will assume that your business is cheap and unprofessional. The same thing occurs when people shop in stores, most all customers will make their purchasing decision based on the design of the product box without consciously knowing so. Think of your website as your companies digital poster, if it does not look eye-catching and professional then you can’t expect for someone to want your services.

Web Design of York has been a part of my team for several years now. They have re-created my website from the ground up and gone above and beyond in bringing in new innovative ideas that make the website current and flawless. Web Design of York brings their brilliant expertise to every project with a positive attitude and utmost intelligence.
Rebecca Matias
Intuitive Business & Success Coach

Our process

Our design process is very in depth and we use a plethora of resources in designing for each project. The first step we do is take your content and display it using an organized grid created specifically for websites and applications. Next we research color schemes, if one is not already provided with your branding. We work with the client directly during this process so that our customers are in control of how their website will unfold. Once the design is laid out, we break down the design for development, which typically entails the use of a CMS (content management system) that will allow our client to take full control of the content on their website, whenever and wherever they want.

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Whether you’re an enterprise company or a small start-up, we look forward to the opportunity to help grow your business. If you are an advertising agency, consider us as a design and development resource.