Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Your business is only as good as your brand identity. This is the most important thing about your business, and we understand this. Some of our clients have come to us with drawings, ideas, or even an existing logo that they want to come to life on the computer. Some clients only have the company name they have developed but no idea how to make it unique and eye catching.

With years of experience in professional brand identity, Web Design of York, PA has the creative knowledge to create the best possible logo for your business. We create our logos in what’s call a Vector format, that when it is created can be used to feature your logo at any file size. That’s right the logo we create for you can be printed on a business card or thrown on the side of a business van and look just the same.

Logo Design

Brand identity is known to be the most important marketing piece that a company can have. It is very important that your logo represent’s your business and is not to be confused with any other business or service. Logo design york pa is very important to have your logo in a black & white format as well as a color format. Our logo design service comes with a file loaded with every format (jpg, png, epi, ai) that you can take to any media company and use the logo at any size without any distortion.

It is very important that your logo design york pa comes in a vector format. Vector formats allow you to resize the logo so that it is the same quality at 1inch by 1inch as it is at 100feet by 100feet. Vector logo designs are created using lines instead of pixels and are often created in a program called Adobe illustrator.

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